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A Partner-Driven Model

COARE has one objective:

Acquire the strongest manufactured housing assets across the U.S.

In return, COARE is willing to pay above-market incentives for the best opportunities and may even be willing to share in the ownership of the asset for the right opportunity.

If you have an opportunity to present, please submit to


Brokers and Real-Estate Agents

Our broker relationships are the lifeline of our business and for the right opportunities we are willing to pay above market fees to our strongest broker relationships.


Wholesalers and Intermediaries

COARE is an exclusive buyer of mobile home communities with exact guidelines of what can be purchased. This provides our wholesaler and intermediary relationships with a near-certain buyer, if the opportunity qualifies.

Further, we maybe able to provide equity to those who present COARE with the best opportunities.


Property Owners

Own a property and want to deal with a direct buyer instead of an exhausting marketing process? COARE has an extensive track record of buying directly from owners and minimizing transaction costs. 

Contact us today and we can dig in and provide you with an offer.



Capital is at the COARE of what we do. Whether an institutional or private investor, please contact us to learn more about our investment strategy and focus.

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